New kitchen for the Jehiel School

In the recent years, we have replaced all classrooms, the office and the storage at the Jehiel School with safer buildings, made of stones and a good waterproof roof. Now, it is the turn of the kitchen to be replaced by a better and safer building.

Why is a kitchen important?

The school is located in the countryside of in eastern Uganda. Every day a good meal still  isnot self-evident for those children. To ensure that the children get at least 1 good meal a day and do not have to learn with an empty stomach, at lunchtime a meal is served at the Jehiel School.

Cost of construction

The total costs for the construction of the kitchen will be € 1,500.

How can you help?

You can help us in several ways.

  • Go to our webshop and pay for building materials or to hire a local construction worker. Thus, you will immediately know what your money will be spent on. (Use PayPal or a Credit card)
  • Of donate an amount of money of your choice through WhyDonate (using iDeal)
  • Third option is to donate for free, by making your online purchases through our page
  • Last but not least, you might set up your own campaign and transfer the collected amount to our bank account.

At the Jehiel School, at lunchtime all children get a good meal. The old kitchen did collapse last year. Because a good meal is important, we would like to build a new one.

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