Stichting Chica: The year 2020 in a bird’s eye and a look into the future

2020 was a special year, we don’t really need to mention that anymore. Special for our foundation was, that for the first time in 7 years we couldn’t go to Uganda. We had to do without all the events. And of course without the incomes belonging to these events. Fortunately this was not a lost year. Despise everything we were able to do some things. Further on more about this.

Corona in Uganda

First of all we like to remain standing at the situation in Uganda. Despise some “inconveniences” were most of us as to deal with, the situation in Uganda is totally different comparing to the Netherlands. No free corona tests, who is infected? There was a strict lockdown. Schools are closed for almost a year now and shops are closed for a long time. For these people there is no compensation from the government. Failed crops, because it wasn’t allowed to travel to the fields! 60% of the population has been dropped back into poverty and has hardly anything to eat! What prospect is there? When will there be a vaccine available?

For us, as a small foundation, it’s an awkward time. Where can we help for the best nowadays with the supplies and money we have. Money, income, we miss this year. How do we do this remotely?

Fortunately, as a foundation, we work together with local people and partners. For this reason we could still remain building the Jehiel School. We donated soap and disinfectants to the schools and could still remain discuss and see what we, as a foundation could contribute.

Building classrooms for little children at the Jehiel School

In the first half of the year 2020  we realised 3 new classrooms for little children at the Jehiel School. Well, the good news is, it works both ways. The children and the school have safe classrooms now, de local construction workers had an income so they could support their family in this awful time.

Jehiel School, kleuterklassen
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What will we do in Uganda in 2021

It turns out that hygiene is very important. From now on we will collect money for toilets and washing accommodations for the Jehiel School as well as for the Unity School. Personal hygiene of course is also important in the kitchen, so we like to replace the kitchen at the Jehiel School. 

Of course we will not forget the Lwala girls school this year. As soon as the school will be open again there will be new school materials for the girls. 

We need € 10.550,- for these projects.

  • Toilets and washing accommodation Unity School, € 4.500,-
  • Toilets Jehiel School, € 2.200,-
  • Kitchen Jehiel School, € 1.500,-
  • Good ventilated meeting room Unity School, € 350,-
  • Soap and disinfection supplies, € 500,-
  • School materials, € 1.500,-

Because of the corona pandemic we can’t organize any event. We are dependent on online donations, so from you or your company. We composed some building packages, hygiene packages and school packages. These packages can be ordered by you. You can choose what you think is important and you know immediately which project you donate to and what you donate.